Repairs & Restoration

tom_workingThe Halifax Folklore Centre  has  a complete repair shop for fretted and bowed stringed instruments. Free estimates are provided on any repair. Just bring your instrument in its case to the store for an evaluation. We handle everything from minor setups to complex restorations, with each project receiving the same dedicated care and attention.

Repair and set-up can make a vast difference!! Don’t give up on your instrument until you have shown it to Tom. All stringed instruments can be adversely affected by changes in temperature and humidity, as well as usage (or abusage?). We repair cracks, adjust action and intonation,etc. for optimal playing condition and tone.

repairsAfter 47 years, and thousands of successfully completed repairs and restorations, Tom has the experience and technical knowledge needed to bring your instrument to its full potential.

We are a C.F. Martin Authorized Warranty Service Center!